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About Virginia 

As founder and CEO of Sankofa Financial Group, Virginia Frazier brings over two decades of comprehensive, top-notch business expertise to the field of finance. From multi-million dollar IPOs for expansive corporations to investment portfolios for the growing family, Virginia has distinguished herself as an industry leader through her commitment to integrity, excellence and cost-conscious resolutions and has garnered a reputation for consummate professionalism that her clients, partners and peers both expect and respect.

A graduate of the acclaimed Howard University and a Certified Public Accountant, Virginia’s experience spans several industries, including public and corporate accounting, hospitality, media and retail. She commenced her professional career at Arthur Andersen, a renowned financial services company. While there, she learned the intricacies of managing the complex needs of large companies, but through her work with small and medium-sized businesses, she cultivated an affinity for the people behind them. The seed of vision was planted for a company where she could go beyond the numbers and serve clients more intimately. She was led to launch her own firm to truly understand the language of money and build legacy wealth in both businesses and households.

And so Sankofa opened its doors in 2007.

Sankofa Financial Group is a full-range financial services firm for individuals, families, entrepreneurs and small, thriving businesses. True to her vision, the company reflects Virginia’s core values—to serve with integrity, expertise and trust. Virginia leads a team of passionate consultants and advisors who work and walk alongside clients to build wealth-grounded, growth-focused homes and businesses. Clients come to Sankofa for financial services. They leave with an education about money and how to leverage it to live their dreams. They leave with a deeper understanding of financial management and the opportunities good stewardship creates for generational wealth.

They leave with richer lives—in every sense of the word.

About Sankofa

When I took a faith leap into full-time entrepreneurship in 2010, my newborn daughter sat in the office next to me, nestled in her carrier, at my feet.

Ten years later, her laughter still lights up our space, our clients and my day whenever she’s here.

We’re still here.  And faith and family are the essence of our business today—and always.

As a little girl, I always counted my coins. I would track my allowance, dollar by dollar, to be sure a nickel didn’t slip through my fingers.  While I’ve grown up a bit, I approach my work today as I did my allowance then—with care, with diligence and with trust.

I started Sankofa as an accounting and financial services firm anchored in the values that were important to me.  Working alongside people to make more sound financial decisions, to build wealth and to manage their financial assets and liabilities is what I am born to do.  People and their money have always fascinated me—and called me—to serve.  I get to live God’s purpose for my life every day, one client at a time.

So when we opened our doors in 2007, as a company, I knew we would do more than calculate numbers and file forms.  We would be a company that would teach people, from the heart, to be good stewards over their money.  We would give them the tools and information to build generational wealth.  We would serve them in a way that shows we want to earn the right to work with them.  Our client’s trust is a privilege.

We honor that every day.

People come to us for expert advice, affordable financial services and help.  They leave with an education—an assurance that successful money management is not just about portfolios, practices and profits.  It’s about possibilities.  

We would love the opportunity to serve you.  And to welcome you to our family.